Vinyl is vinyl

Life has been pretty routine of late. Heading over the gym in the morning and coming home and studying i.e. working all day. I have been slammed with lots of readings and assignments so that has left me zero time to just hang. Still to be productive in study, it is important to carve some time out in your schedule for yourself and sell stuff on FB Marketplace! So in my mission to get rid of stuff in our house I listed all our records online and the posts went crazy, so in honour of our record collection that has been distributed to vinyl collectors around Melbourne – here they are

So the good thing is that I still enjoy a good night out as friend of mine suggested we go out and see Jess Ribero (a very cool Melbourne artist, I must add) at the Northcote Social Club on Friday night. It has been in my diary for months and I was pretty excited to actually go out on the town by myself, we had a great night though we were a bit knackered when it was 12am and time go home 😀 I remember back in the day, that was the time to go out and hit the nightclubs!!

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