What a preservice teacher enjoys on holidays!

Knotting the days away until it was time to go back to Uni which was this week. I have to say I absolutely love my vintage plant stand and my plants are pretty happy in their new homes with thanks to tips for indoor growing on Gardening Australia! I recently finished this green macrame hanger for a string of pearls plant, it was a lot of knotting but once you got the hang of what to do it became quite meditative. This spot for the stand gets the morning sun and I am so happy to see it every morning when the sun is shining! Definitely quite an addictive craft and I plan on making more plant hangers for this stand.

I also had to get in some sewing before my holidays were complete and here is where I made the Little Green Dress by Tissuni designed to minimise waste on all levels from the pattern to the fabric. My friend in the US had made it and her post on Insta was divine. So I thought this is the perfect inspiration for some summer dresses that have an extra element to them with the details at the shoulders and the hem. I will have to post pictures of the finished dress soon!

Also I have been cooking up a storm in our new kitchen by eating a lot more vegetarian feasts with chickpea smash tacos which we had last night when friends came over for a housewarming. This is one of the many housewarming parties as we can only have one family over at a time per day.

And for the finale to my holidays I took a day out to the city by tram which was pretty quiet. I had been wanting to go to the botanical gardens in the city to hang out with the trees and get some gardening inspiration for our landscaping. It is such a special place to spend alone time amongst the peace of the trees and the plants eating lunch by the lake. I have to remember next time to wear some trainers, as there are quite a few paths to travel and save my sore feet.

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