Well this is what sums my life up in a nutshell for the past month or so as I went back to Uni and it has been full steam ahead as balancing 3 subjects with work can be a bit tricky, especially around assignment time! The dress above is my 1920s inspired outfit for our murder mystery Halloween GoogleMeet with our friends in California. Yep, its been a long time since I’ve written here!

We have also completed the landscaping in the yard which is beautiful! Just to paint the fence black now.

Life has been full and we have enjoyed having people over for dinner since COVID restrictions have been lifted. It has been so fun to have people over in our home again. We will be able to finally entertain and have a party one day in the future – housewarming here we come!

The weeks have flown by and its been me and the cats as a distraction from all my Uni work. Then there is work – I only work 11 hours a week, including long days with meetings. Not long till we are done for the summer break, 2 weeks to go! I am a bit flat after finalising 3 assignments this weekend and catching up on work. I need to create something to look forward to, maybe a trip to the new cinema?

Well I am so thankful everyday for this beautiful home, so why leave ;D

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