Grateful 6/52

The purpose of the weekly posts of gratitude is to keep my casual writing going each week. I have been having to write in a particular style for academic papers and there is no freedom of flow. Now I have the opportunity just to write away, just to be thankful for what has happened in my week. Just little things like on Thursday, I had my first full day of without a schedule of having to meet a deadline for anything. So I met a friend for lunch and we caught up for the first time since NYE. Lovely times together with friends are so good, just chatting over coffee with an amazing lunch at a local cafe. As for “me time” this week, I have finally got my glasses back and it is so good to see again properly! Being thankful of seeing my frames of pink as I write this and a clearer line of sight when I am out an about. Seeing beautiful trees like these with the figs out again, found in the back alleys of my neighbourhood and they look amazing, I reckon the birds will get them first! Other finds are many trees of olives, and they are just beautiful!

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