Grateful 7/52

This week I am grateful for solo excursions that challenge me out of my comfort zone. Wandering out to the shops to pick up my new glasses I was wanted to see if Kmart had any new Bluey toys with my fave character – Calypso. They did not, so as I was looking for sheet sets I walked through the garden area and lo and behold I found a great little terrarium. Perfect for my succulent cuttings that have broken off. This is the beginning and I will see how it grows. I spray painted it green and sits on the dining table getting the afternoon sun and I mist it everyday.

There is so much time I like to spend pottering around with my indoor plants, this week I continued on little excursions around the place, when I went to the chiropractor. I then caught the tram back to walk home past the nursery! It takes all my willpower not to go in there. But I had spied an opportunity on our wall shelves that would benefit with a plant that loves to cascade down the shelves, so a Golden Pothos – Devils Ivy in yellow came to mind. Now the shelves look gorgeous with more greenery in amongst the books.

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