Grateful 16/52

What a birthday month it has been so far with about 2 weeks to go. Our family holiday was time out in nature that we all needed and time in the National Park picking up rubbish to protect the beautiful animals that live there. It is so sad to see the disrespect to nature when there is a bin not far away, sometimes I question humans existence and whether we can save this beautiful planet we are on.

To end the holidays I celebrated with a small party at our house where we all enjoyed some time together in a group after being apart last year. Turning 50 is a milestone and deserves to be celebrated. I ordered a beautiful pinata cake with retro icing, we had enchiladas and tamales for dinner with heaps of snacks and salsa. The night ended up with me in the hospital as I went down the park in the dark and tripped on a chain and sprained my arm really badly to the point that it needed an xray. It was a terrible place to hang for 2 hours after a party but I was happy that I went and checked it out. Today after a dose of pain relief and ice plus a tetanus shot for good measure, my arm is feeling much better. Hey, sometimes the universe has to stop you in your tracks and make you rest and today I did with bruises, cuts and pain in my body – peace at last. Well I have to say I am thankful there is nothing broken and it is certainly a birthday I will remember for a long time to come!!

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