Grateful 23/52

The last 12 weeks have been intense and now that I am finally on a break from Uni I am so, so relieved! It has been so full on the last few months since I had my birthday in April until now. We even went for a holiday but it does not even feel like we even had a break since I fractured my elbow and then… Boom, I was working full time, studying and pretty much 7 day workload for over a month! We are in lockdown for the second week and I could not be happier as I do not have to be anywhere except work!

I have been loving this book I borrowed from the library with its gorgeous layout with information on so many plants! I was devouring the information and now I need to get myself a copy to focus on adding more plants to my collection. That is truly something to be grateful for my plants that are enjoying themselves in our temperature controlled house, now with solar!!

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