Grateful 25/52

Time is something that is such a precious gift that we never know how much we appreciate it until the free time is no longer there. I have been just rolling along and just getting things done I did not realise that I needed that time just to be and have nothing in my schedule. Last weekend we finally had some sunshine, so I spent most of the day in the garden catching up on all the amazing plants in my garden. I have a little project on the nature strip that has been on and off since we moved in and I finally had some time to give it some love. There is still heaps to do but having a garden to appreciate and take care of makes me feel so grounded. I love to take care of living things and seeing them flourish, especially seeing the earthworms and collecting them for my vegetable garden on our little courtyard. Gardening is an ongoing passion that began with succulents, now it extends into my house with my indoor plants and the yard around our house. It is a perfect way for me to chat to the neighbours and spend my days in the dirt, so I am thankful that I have the ability to take care of plants with the energy to keep them alive!

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