Grateful 26/52

The biggest thing I am grateful at the moment is time. Time to do nothing. Time to just be. Time to pet the cats. Time to do some gardening. Time to watch TV and do whatever I want to do! I am really enjoying this time with propagating some plants with help from books from the local library. I am also sewing and have a couple of projects in the works with an overall dress, they are so comfortable. Not having to sit around on my computer and do Uni work is an absolute pleasure as work has been pretty full on with the last few days of term and having the time to chill in the evening has been the best! I only have the next week to enjoy the time I have left so I will treasure each day and hopefully get all the stuff that needs to be completed – done!

I have an IKEA order of outdoor furniture to come this week so that will be a project with the kids. I also have to find a car as Dad’s 20 year old car registration is coming up in August, so I gotta get that happening. It is such a mission to find a car but hopefully we can manifest one easily enough? I also ordered some pots from IKEA so I am looking forward to setting up some more little plant friends around the place. All very exciting, as some things have been on my “to do list” for ages.

But no pressure here, it is time to relax and enjoy this free time before Uni starts up again next week!!

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