Grateful 27/52

I have loved having the freedom to do whatever. The only issue I had to deal with to get some projects completed has been the weather as it has been super cold outside over the weekend and it was not the best time to work on my nature strip garden. Instead I went out for brunch with a friend to the city all rugged up, we have made plans to catch up once a month, which is something to look forward to.

Today I write this when I am now officially back into study mode! I have my air diffuser with some focus essential oils to get into the groove. I have to say that I am so grateful for having the time last week to order outdoor furniture from IKEA and I made it with my daughter and it looks fab! All my indoor plants have had a makeover and have been repotted or cleaned and they look beautiful. Plus I have been sewing away and making dress pinafores for my placement coming up in August/September and that has been a lot of fun. All this has happened in between teenager sleep overs and appointments for the dentist and the like.

Yay to a week of completing projects and having time to myself.

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