Grateful 29/52

Here is the last picture of my Dad’s car that my Mum gave me after Dad passed away. Mum did not need it and I did not have a car, so I got it shipped to Melbourne where it was my little run around car for the last year or so. It has been a stepping stone towards our independence and the realisation that a car to get around can be helpful. I took this little Festiva to get a roadworthy but the repairs were worth more than the car so we decided to trade her in before the registration was due. My Dad loved this car and he took great care of it even though it was had big holes of rust and was 21 years old. I feel that this was just like when we were in America we drove around in a really old Honda Civic for years until it could go no more, it is great to have cars that can go and go and it makes you really appreciate the next level of car! I was so happy to drive Dad’s car around locally and to work, but to pick up our new car it was a bit of a rough drive on the highway – I was really scared to drive 100km.

Now we have a 2017 Subaru Impreza and it is such a dream to drive with all the technology. As I was showing my son, he said this is everyones “normal” in this car. It made me think how grateful I was that Mum gave me the car after Dad passed as I felt as if we were driving around together. I am super happy to have a new car to get around in especially now in winter with the rain and the cold – having a temperature controlled car is amazing! So farewell little Festiva, you did well and I thank you for showing us a little bit of freedom in the time we had you. It was super helpful for our trips to the shops and to visit friends. Enjoy your next life.

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