Grateful 30/52

We are in another lockdown since Friday 16th July, where the days have been extremely slower but that is OK! I am enjoying my time as I have assignments to do for Uni, as well as weekly readings and note taking in between work. Yep, I have been at work while the Delta strain is floating around in the air but thankfully I am half way immunised. The kids are there with their snotty noses and coughs but what can you do – all parents need a reprieve from their little ones. We take them outside to run and run because they need it!

Even though I have relished the time at home studying away – I should have had appointments with the vet, myotherapist and the hairdresser. The hairdresser appointment has been reschedule three times now, so thank goodness it is winter and I can wear a beanie to hide regrowth and overgrown hair!! Still the big cancellation was our 15 year wedding anniversary dinner which was on Friday, that was replaced with an indoor feast of Middle eastern food from this amazing restaurant Rumi in Brunswick East. We ordered the vegan feast and it was divine, the meat eaters ordered meat balls and we were set for a family anniversary celebration with a bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne which was a housewarming gift from our builders. Perfect!

I am definitely thankful for the amazing choices we have living in Melbourne to make the most of lockdown and support local restaurants including the local florist who provided the amazing flowers in the picture above – I am truly grateful we live here and call it home.

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