Grateful 31/52

Finally we are out of lockdown 5.0 after 14 days in our 5km radius. Today was a sunny day, so we had the wheels to get us out of the city with our lovely comfortable car. With the beautiful weather (it is still cold even though the sun is shining) we went for a drive that is 1.5 hours away from our home. These pics are from the great mountain ash forests of Victoria, a place called Wirrawilla Rainforest walk in Toolangi National Forest. With every amazing old growth forest there is a back story and were prime logging territory from 1909 these forests regenerated after a bushfire in 1939 and up until the 1950s the big old trees were coming down to make cladding the roofs of Victorian houses.

We also discovered that this forest is threatened again, as the surrounding forest has been slashed and burned for copy paper – such a disaster! Australia with its lack of respect for our environment love their free resources for a select few people – who will be dead in 20 years, pocketing the money and ruining an ancient ecosystem. The carbon capture of these forests is what we need to protect!! I found out there is a campaign that has been running for years to save this incredible pocket of wilderness which we enjoyed today and it is the Great Forest National Park. Here’s to making that a reality.

I stand with these amazing giants and I will be there to protect them in whatever way that is humanly possible and it is for places like this that exist that I am grateful for. When I wander these places, I feel that my body resets itself towards what I really care about and I feel grounded again. Today after the rains we did get stuck in the mud as we were walking but it was so worth it!! I love this place and I would come back again, hopefully soon x

PS – the fungi in amongst the fallen logs were just beautiful to see. I watched the film Fantastic Fungi on Friday and I appreciate how important these little beauties are for everything.

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