Grateful 34/52

Even though our lockdown 6.0 has been extended due to the Coronavirus Delta variant there was plenty to be grateful for. Time in the garden watching bees in my spring flowers and sewing on a sunny Sunday afternoon with my helper Apricot. I was thinking due to lockdown my placement would be cancelled but it went ahead as I was deemed an authorised worker within a long day care centre and it was a wonderful way to end the week with a rainbow on the way to work in the morning.

I have been taking time off the big class of 30 children at the kindergarten so I could stay well for my vaccination this week and it has been so good to catch up on Uni assignments and feel a bit more grounded in this magic roundabout of life at the moment. I have been so concerned about staying well, so I decided I would take a couple of days off without pay to get myself grounded again. So thankful for this time, as life has been a whirlwind of work, uni, lockdowns and no time with friends (except on FaceTime)!

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