Grateful 35/52

Well what can I say except I am so tired from being in lockdown and having to be an authorised worker. I came home from my childcare placement the other day saying “it’s got me, covid’s got me!!” and then went out to get tested in my car. Turns out I had no Covid, just pure exhaustion. I have had to go to work as it is my 3rd Uni placement, so two to go next year. What I have to be thankful for this week is the time out on my bike in the cold, cold mornings and riding home in the beautiful sunshine to de-escalate my day, ahhh! So lovely to ride on the bike path surrounded by all the tags and amazing colour. Thankful for living near the city and access to this super cool bike trail! Oh and I am fully vaccinated now, that is definitely something to be thankful for!!!

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