Grateful 37/52

Where to start for this week! I finished my placement with a wonderful report from my mentor teacher. Got rid of one more assignment. I went back to my usual work and it was so good to be back. The native sage above is out in bloom and I found that super cool graffiti on the wall on the scout hall next door to my work.

End the Lockdown says it all if only our stupid Australian Government got their shit together to make it happen we would be fine by now. But no, they are a bunch of idiots who totally messed up the vaccine rollout and now we are trying to get the kids vaccinated too, it is really hard to make an appointment. One day we will get there and who would have thought that we would be back in this mess again! It is quite a shit show here in Victoria and I cannot see an end in sight for a while.

I am only annoyed because I am an authorised worker in a lockdown having to work with transmitters of the virus – children. There are just close to 2000 cases of children 0-9 at the moment. But the light is that I am fully vaccinated and that it is spring and the sun is shining. At least for now, I can take the children outside all day so we do not share air inside. So I am then grateful for having a beautiful space I can spend my work days outside in the sunshine, so good to see the birds and enjoy the shade of the trees – it is the best 😀

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