Grateful 38/52

Here we are another week in lockdown and it is to continue until October 26 the earliest – that is if we reach full vaccination targets of 80%! Well, all I can say about this week was that it was so good to be outside with the 5 children in my care as it was just like a mini playdate. All day from 9am to 4pm we were outside – playing, gardening, planting seeds and crafting. As my friend says to me channel my inner Calypso when I am in kinder teacher mode. That is what I need to think of, to finally complete my degree – which will be next year!

My son got into a local arts program and Northern College of Arts and Technology for his last 2 years of high school, which is very exciting for him. I am very excited, as I know as an artist it is a journey and it will be so good for him to experiment with the visual arts as well as work on interactive design. I hope he gets so much out of it! Applied learning is the best and is such a wonderful way to engage with the arts.

It was certainly count down with work last week as I am now on holidays for two weeks with the kids. They get their vaccinations tomorrow, which is so good! Now I am on holidays and I have one more assignment to do. I need to film myself presenting a lesson!! It is either wear one of my many hats or dye my hair. Man I miss my hairdresser, I have not seen him since April!! Talk about looking like Calypso with a doggie hairdo :/ Anyway, I am so grateful for some time off, I have been so anxious about being at work in a pandemic with having no idea where the kids have been. It will be good just to be at my house getting this last assignment done and dusted this week!! This last one is 50% so it is a big one, but I have one third done now and a bit more writing and filming to complete it. I have a goal of crafting and baking a babka before I go back to work on the 4th, so here’s to getting it done in plenty of time!!

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