Grateful 39/52

Finally, I have reached the end of the 12 week teaching period for Uni. I have to say it has been a bit of a struggle getting on with things with being in lockdown for weeks and just wanting to be outside when the sun is shining. Still, I have managed to get through and now this week is all about creating and making – catching up on so many fun projects that have been sitting in the craft cupboard. It was a super sunny Sunday so I got out the drill and made a couple of mobiles for decorating the outdoor space at my work, the kindergarten. I am pretty excited to see them up high as they are so bright and colourful. The kids at kinder had painted some corks so I got those drilled and wired ready to hang. With that project done, I have also been making crochet pencil caddies for the teacher I work with and they look super cool.

This week I have been needle felting a scarf in rainbow colours, as well as a bit of sewing with my daughter and pulling apart clothes to make them into items I would actually wear! I am lacking in skirts so I have a couple to complete this week. I also need to make a pinafore that I enjoy wearing to work. So this week I am thankful for the brain space and having the time to create in peace in the sunshine with my cat outside. I love it!

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