Grateful 40/52

I have to say last week was the best creative week I have had in a very long time. Due to lockdown there were no distractions so I just got to making and creating and it has been so much fun! I had a whole week off work and my last assignment of Uni was done, so I was a free as a bird!

I got out my sewing machine and planned my week of projects and made a lovely pinafore from a gorgeous pinwale corduroy – these are my fave wear for work. I also did some needle felting, crochet, knitting and lots of gardening. What a wonderful way to spend my holidays and it was so hard to go back to reality in the land on Covid today – frightening really – but we stay as safe as possible with keeping the children outside to play all day! The Delta variant is flying through the community like glitter.

So much to be grateful for last week and just to have that free time to create and make has given me the freedom to just want to do more and lucky for me I have a whole month off Uni and work is on site one day a week as we have less than 10 kids in total. Just so happy to be making again and I am making my list of projects even longer with each day 😀

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