Grateful 41/52

So many things this week to be grateful for with the number one being sunshine and nature. It was a wonderful first week back after term break as I worked the Monday and for the rest of the week I was working from home. And when I work from home and the weather is good I am outside under the yellow umbrella in the sunshine!

On Thursday I decided to go for a bike ride with no plans as to where I was going and the only caveat is to stay within 15 km from my home. So off I went, just staying on the bike path travelling the path during the week with hardly a person in sight. I thought to myself, this is the best I shall continue to see what I can discover and along the way. I rode by the Merri creek until it met up with the Yarra river and it was amazing. No people on the trail and nature was my best friend for the morning. I have to say it was such a glorious day with no wind and sunshine I ended up riding 30km return and man, my legs were so sore but so worth it. On my way back, I stopped at Joes Garden farm stand for a collection of produce and the most amazing olive bread for lunch – absolutely the best bike ride ever!

Then along came Saturday and I have been wanting to check out the flying fox colony at Yarra Bend park so I met my friend there and we had a lovely catch up walking beneath the bats on a 23 degree day. Now, I have to say we are so lucky to be surrounded by so much nature in Melbourne and I love exploring, so this is the perfect way to adventure out and about without catching a plane. In my thoughts are a sign that I read out hiking which said, “explore more”. I am so thankful for the beauty of nature in this gorgeous city to recharge my soul!

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