Grateful 42/52

The energy of this native flower captures the feeling I had experienced this week with a big week with a my son turning 16 on Monday. We had an amazing feast of Tamales made by a local chef who used to live in California. They were just delicious and his salsa is the best! My daughter made a delicious brownie cake as the birthday cake with no icing 😀

Towards the end of the week it was time to hone in on my creative adventures that I had jotted down in my journal to complete. Thursday was a gorgeous sunny day so I completed some macrame for some pots outside, it is so wonderful to listen to audio books and craft the day away. We have been in lockdown since middle of August and this Friday the 22nd October we finally get some release due to reaching a 70% double vaccination target. I have enjoyed the time out to create with no appointments but with the opportunity to catch up with a friend on the weekend is something I am looking forward to! This week I am grateful for the time out of a busy schedule to just be and create.

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