Grateful 44/52

We are now living in a Covid normal as the vaccination rate reached 80% last Friday and we were given new freedoms of no mask required when outdoors. To begin our freedoms, we had our family over for dinner on Saturday night. They bought some tasty appetisers from the Victoria market and we made the most amazing pulled pork and bean mole tacos for dinner with a Halloween themed pumpkin pie for dessert – it was so good to entertain again! On Saturday I got into the swing of cleaning the house to prepare the place for visitors and I ended up with a deep spring clean which felt wonderful – until the cats dropped all their fur everywhere the next day!! It was wonderful to have a couple of glasses of wine together and catch up on what we got up to for around 3 months of lockdown.

Sunday came and I said to my hubby lets go for a bike ride on this glorious sunny morning. So off we went and rode along the new trail towards the city. It bought back so many memories of the times when I used to use the same track after my day at Uni, to go for my daily rides up to Royal Park and do circles around the track in the afternoon sun. Those were the days before mobile phones and a camera in your pocket, so the memories of the place are quite vivid. As I was riding up there on Sunday it reminded me of those times and we got to the track but there were dogs everywhere so I think over time it has become a designated off-leash pedestrian-only affair. So we continued for a bit more and turned around and headed home. It was a great start to Sunday where I got my exercise done and dusted while having fun! And I completed my library errand of taking some of the books back that I borrowed over lockdown – all were inspiring reads.

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