Grateful 45/52

This week I was thankful to have a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup – so we could have a family day together and head out into the bush. Over lockdown, I have been investigating places to visit and the redwoods in East Warburton was number 1 on the list. It was a bit different for us to see this alien landscape of plantation redwoods in the bush. The day was super hot at 28 degrees and the weather was something we are not used to so it was lovely to be amongst the trees in the shade for the day. Before too long, the public holiday crowds came by and we took off and headed back home via a picnic by the Yarra River. I am so grateful that here in Melbourne we have such beautiful places to visit on day trips when we can, but, now for me, it is back to Uni study days and part-time work balance with a bit of freedom on the weekends to hang out with friends.

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