Grateful 46/52

All I can say is that my free time with my cat is done now that I am back with Uni and work. I have been struggling to get back into the readings and I have been procrastinating a little. Now I have moved my desk I feel a bit back into the groove but last week threw me a bit with children coming in sick and passing their germs on – which means go for a covid test which then sucks time out of my study day! Still, it was negative and now I am feeling a lot better after resting at home and planning my study for the next few weeks.

I am grateful for the creative time but now I have to get back on track and also balance the Xmas gift gathering. Not feeling it this year as I cannot believe that it is November! Another reason it does not even feel like summer with a high of 13 degrees C – now I am still wearing woollies and it is springtime… Well, time to get back into the work and study balance as well as have a weekend treat of something to look forward to and this week it was the film – Last Night in Soho which I loved! So good to be able to go to the cinema again and enjoy time out with my hubby.

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