Grateful 47/52

We are now back in full swing living a “normal” life and carrying our masks in our bags. Work is crazy with every child back with only 4 weeks to go for the school year! It gets a bit full on always at the end of the year with holidays on the horizon – I am looking forward to a break, yet again! This week has been pretty relaxed with getting back into study mode and lots and lots of reading and assignments looming in a couple of weeks. So I have to just pace myself.

What I am being conscious of is taking time out to hang out with my friends and spending quality time eating and chatting about our lives! My friend and I have made a plan to carve out one Sunday a month to catch up in the city and check out the amazing brunches on offer. I have 12 years of not having brunch to make up for!! So today’s adventure was at Higher Ground which was so good with my faves avocado and halloumi sitting on top of a giant pretzel, poached egg and beautiful fresh flowers to eat as well. This is life and I am so grateful for the time I am having with my friend and making up for the time we had apart from each other when I was living in California. As I was wandering around trying to find the cafe I walked down a little alleyway to find this super cool bike sculpture, this is another wonderful thing about Melbourne is finding random artworks tucked away.

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