Grateful 48/52

Finally, I have the time to post something about my week last week! It is now Wednesday and life has been hectic. It is the end of the year and things are starting to get a bit cray cray!! Well, it was a lot to juggle last week with getting down to business and writing an essay for my Advocacy and Social Justice unit. It has been enlightening and I have been enjoying it, but I am way behind in having two assignments ready for the due date next Monday. So I will just breathe as today we had a bucketful of rain pouring down which helped ease the humidity and heat of the last couple of days. I enjoy the warm weather but my hayfever really is affected by the humidity, pollen and grasses in the air – so I have been really uncomfortable! I am looking for natural remedies to help me with the sneezing and scratchy eyes, I read today that reishi mushrooms are pretty good.

What I have been grateful for this week was a day out on Sunday at CERES my favourite place ever. My friends bought me a workshop and I choose to go to the Gardening in Small Spaces and it was so inspiring. Lucky there was a nursery at CERES I bought some punnets of flowers to attract beneficial insects to my garden! They were in my bike basket for the way home and I got to gardening as soon as I got home 😀 What a wonderful day and it was such a break from sitting in front of the computer and writing, I love my garden and there were so many amazing resources shared I am so looking forward to my little veggie patch flourishing over the summer!

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