Grateful 50/52

As a treat to myself with finishing my first two assignments for the teaching period, I took a trip into the city to check out the Future Food System at Fed Square. It was such an inspiring place to be and in that hour I learned so much about closed-loop food systems and how accessible they can be for everyone! So I am truly grateful to have had this experience and tour the house and we were lucky enough to meet Joost Bakker, the creator of this amazing space. What an innovator who loves to share his knowledge. I have my garden but I just need to make it more prolific with a wicking bed, they seem to be the biz when it comes to gardening!

There was a yabbie with babies, a mushroom wall made from buckets from a cafe, fermenting shelf in the kitchen, zinc top prep tables, gorgeous reclaimed wooden furniture and tiger nuts to make nut milk – amazing! All of this is at a house made out of a shipping container and to be protected from bush fire.

2 thoughts on “Grateful 50/52

  1. wicking bed, is that what it’s called 🙂 I have something like that with my siphon drip overflow…. a siphon drip system dispenses about a gallon of water in about 6hrs, great for delicate plants in my high heat, high wind, direct sun area, the overflow fills a large glass vessel. Most of the year, I give it a gallon a day. I fill it twice for the hottest days of summer and this time of year, once or twice a week. I can tell when it needs refill because the glass gets low. 3/8″ braided nylon cord seems to work best for wicking, it floats but if you can keep each end in and out of the vessel, it will bring the water up over the top. Since it’s not a siphon wicking seems to regulate too, it moves less water when the cord and destination are damp, more water flows when the sun tries to dry the cord…. go figure 😉


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