Grateful 51/52

Last week was a blast with finishing teaching for the year, cleaning up the kinder to prep it for next year and then having a Xmas party celebration with the crew from my work. I have to say that I am truly grateful to have landed myself a job with such fun people. It is just 2 days a week but I learn so much in every session with the educators and the children. It is more than I can learn from a University textbook!! Life this year has had its many ups and downs but I have to say perseverance is a great thing. We have one more week to say farewell to 2021 and who knows what next year will bring? All I know is that I am hoping to go visit my family in Queensland in the wintertime to get some beautiful sunshine.

As for upcoming plans – who knows? We just roll with the year and see what happens. Oh yeah, it will be my last year at Uni – now that will be something to celebrate!!!!

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