Grateful 52/52

The end of another year and what a year it was! My little cat Apricot in this pic really sums up the time we have had this year with slowing down and taking time to appreciate what we have around us. Time to look at the clouds in the sky, the bees on the flowers and the butterflies flying around. This last week was a wonderful way to complete the year by catching up on Uni studies and also enjoying time out eating with friends and family. I am definitely grateful for the time this week to do the things I have wanted to do at a way slower pace. It is important for me not to get sucked into the craziness deadline that is Christmas day and go shopping. I am at a place in life where I do not need more stuff, just experiences. Still, I really enjoyed the very useful presents our family and friends bought me this year, always the thoughtfulness that goes into a gift that matters. I am truly thankful for the beautiful people we have in our lives.

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