Grateful 1/52

Well, the year got off to a good time with lots of fun things to do like catch up with family and friends and eat lots. This is a delicious brunch from The Boot Factory – a local cafe in Coburg which I love! We met some friends to chat about camping later in the month. This is a mint avocado deliciousness on wholewheat bread, so good! As this is going to be a pretty big year with Uni and work I feel that I wanted to do something different in the blog space but I think I will be grateful as it is a good habit to practice.

It has been a busy first week as it was back to Uni with getting the two team assignments ready. One down and one to go, thank goodness! The days have been full with my exercise, study and getting a few little tasks out of the way, such as organising spaces. So yes I am thankful to have this time with the children and not go back to work until they go back to school!

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