Hopeful 16/52

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Just relaxing with friends for a cuppa here and there. Working on my assignment to finish the draft. H was doing work from the homeschool curriculum and it is so good now as she has a list of projects she would like to do when she has done the required work of English, Maths and another subject.


My morning of kinesiology, back home for a little bit of study. Later in the evening, I caught up with some work friends for dinner.

Friday, Satuday, Sunday

H had a kinesiology appointment on Friday afternoon and it was an interesting time for her. I enjoyed seeing her being cared for in a different way that takes care of her holistically. Movie night with the family together at long last! As my son is too busy working each night at the pizza joint over the school holidays.

Saturday – CPR course for work in the morning and catching up on Uni work in the arvo.

Sunday – family catchup day with my sister in law who made this amazing pavlova and it was so good to catch up as we had not seen each other property for over 3 months! That was since H had the accident.

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