Hopeful 17/52

Monday to Thursday

The usual catch up on Uni work whilst editing my essay for submission. Also appointments with my psychologist and acupuncturist which was so good to have some time out to relax and destress from all the madness of the last 3 months!


First day back at work with 3-year-olds, thank goodness it was only 6 hours they are quite a busy bunch of children. I was with the sad children who miss their parents, so it was time to read and calm their feelings about separating from their mummy and the book Owl Babies is the best way to share that with them. Once we were out in the yard I was so happy to be with them out there and so were they! We saw kookaburra who came by and said hello and then we sang him a song – Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree… After work, I needed to exercise and reset myself for the weekend.


A lovely morning out with the Flavours of Coburg tour – a gift from my family for my birthday. It was wonderful to be out with a bunch of strangers enjoying some secret discoveries in my neighbourhood. Plus the good thing was that I was away and kept from talking about anything bad that has happened in the last 3 months. I came home stuffed as we ate so much food, it was the best!


Out with H and her friends going shopping in the city. It was the first time H had ventured out of our neighbourhood since the accident. I am so proud that she was out and about in public with her 3D printed face mask, shopping for some new clothes with her friends. I am so thankful she has some beautiful people in her life to support her through this time and for the incredible ways she is also having fun as she is healing. Being in the city is a bit day out and she had a plan to find certain clothes she has been missing from her drawers at the Spencer St Outlet. I hung around with her friend’s mum having a coffee and chatting while they wandered the shops. I did manage to find a lovely pot for my plants for just $25!

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