Hopeful 18/52

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd May

Getting my Uni assignment done and dusted it was time to celebrate Tuesday evening with a mothers day film of Everything Everywhere at Once and burgers and chips for dinner. We all love chips so we were very happy by the end of the evening. The film was very cool and it was so good to have the cinema to ourselves for the 4:30pm session!

Wednesday 4th May

Back to the hospital and we were late for our appointment due to not being able to find parking and driving around in circles. Clinic days are so crazy busy and the parking levels lie with the number of available spaces. So we ended up parking in the hospital’s hotel car park and walking to the lifts. Late for our appointment but it was all fine in the end, times like this you just have to breathe to get through.

Finally, going back to the burns clinic for a check-up with our physio and OT and to chat with the surgeon. So the news is that the healing is going really well and that we do not have to come back to the clinic for another 6 weeks. Time with the pressure garments for 23 hours a day is still really important with scar management. Also, moisturising twice a day is key to keeping the skin supple. It is great to have a break from the clinic but from next week we start physio every Tuesday, so we still have to go to the hospital!

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th

Last day for me to get organised with my uni readings and get H on track with her home school before I go to work on Friday for work. Friday is written off as I am at work and pretty done for the rest of the day!

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th

A lovely relaxing mothers day weekend with no cooking and this delicious forbidden apple gelato from the pizza shop where my son works! Good times and H enjoyed having her friends around on Saturday afternoon to watch a movie and catch up. It was the perfect weather for staying in when the rain came down in the arvo. So good that H gets to see her friends as that is her socialisation with peers, done!

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