Hopeful 19/52

Monday 9th May

H’s first home school day with her friend. They learned about Vikings in history and enjoyed a walk outside and caught up on how everything works. I think that H is enjoying the autonomy of student-led learning as she gets to choose the subjects she wants to do and writes them up on her planner so everyone knows what is going on each day. It is really empowering for H and her friend to share peer learning and move along with their studies. They may not be flying through the curriculum but at least it gives them time to digest it and gain an understanding of what they are learning.

Tuesday 10th May

It was an early morning with the builders coming by to chat to us about the defects, 2 years after we have moved in. Hopefully, they can get them all complete in the next month or so, fingers crossed. The problem is that there are no seals on the doors and windows and coming up to winter we have had to seal them with bubble wrap to keep the cold out.

Today was H’s first appointment with her physiotherapist for some exercises. It was the most amount of movement I have seen her do since the accident in January! She did a lot of baseline testing on her ability to balance, walk, skip, hop and run. Next week she will be walking for a longer time and doing some stretching exercises. It is only 30 minutes and hopefully, this can be a habit she can include in her daily physio treatment. H is supposed to be walking around the block every day, but I think with her friend studying with her at home that will be some encouragement to get out and about.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday 11th to 15th May

I was supposed to go to a yoga class (mothers day pressie) to mix up my daily schedule but I had to reschedule it as I felt sick with a cold and sore throat which has been pretty consistent for the rest of the week into the weekend! This meant no work on Friday and staying home with my germs over the weekend. Lucky for H she is in her room isolated from me and now her brother who came home feeling pretty bad Wednesday afternoon.

Good thing is I went for a walk one of those mornings and found this beautiful crocheted sign near the train station!

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