Hopeful 20/52

Monday 16th May 2022


What else can happen to our family this year that would be total crap? Yep, Covid has hit our family. My hubby was feeling the chills and a sore throat so I asked him to take a RAT and there it was our first positive test. After his test, it was family RAT time where we all took tests to see who else had Covid? My son was positive as well – but not me who had been sick all week? Strange, maybe I did bring it in as a carrier from the little children who cough on me at kindergarten. Though today at my son’s class (I made him stay home as he had a residual cold), 7 kids were there today out of 25 so the likelihood is that it came from his college. We also got a report from his principal today that there were many students and teachers out from school having to self isolate for 7 days.

So this is our week – a week of isolation. We are waiting for our PCR tests in the next day or so to confirm whether I can join the Covid positive team! In the meantime, I will take a RAT every day. H is in her room and taking all precautions not to mingle with any of us. We are all in different areas of the house with my hubby in our room, my son in his room, H in her room and I have the lounge and dining room which will be my bedroom as well for the next week. Just when we thought we could see some light out of the other side of the tunnel – Covid hits our household! It is just crazy!

Lucky this week I ordered some freezer food that I can just heat up for the family. Tonight we had some frozen lasagne that I had stashed away and it came in handy to give to the sick ones as they need to eat well and sleep well. When it was ready I sent them a text that dinner was ready and that I will leave your dinner at the door! It is just a week maybe I can take up running so I can leave the house this week? To leave the house I have to take RAT 5 out of the 7 days and make sure they are negative so I can go out and about. We shall see! I have downloaded a great audiobook to keep me company and have my sewing machine close by so maybe I will get that out and do some creative projects once I have the energy to do so. Till then I will rest and disinfect my house!!

Tuesday 17th May 2022

PCR tests came back – 2 positive and 1 negative just like the RATs, so I am negative.

Like a dodgy looking dragonfruit we continued with our isolation each one of us in our separate spaces in the house. Wearing a mask whenever we are near the covid positive people and socially distancing. There have been no family meals and food is left at the door and taken and eaten alone. I am in the lounge room eating in front of the TV with the cat nearby. The only ones who can see each one of us are the cats who spend time with the sick ones.

I have been the Florence Nightingale (as my uncle called me) of the house preparing the food and delivering it, gathering the plates in a bucket to be put through the hot dishwasher at night, making tea and smoothies (out of dragonfruit) and getting late-night emergency bowls of cereal for the hungry teen. It seems like the covid positive teen is passed his lethargic stage and is back to eating again. My hubby is chatting and just feels like he has the flu. My friend’s recommendation is to hire air scrubbers to suck the germs out of the room and keep the clean air, so so important! I also have them at work, so it is a worthwhile investment for the covid negative people in the house to stay safe.

Wednesday 18th May 2022

One of my gorgeous friends dropped off a lovely care package with some incredible treats including a sauce made from oyster mushrooms and garlic – it is next-level flavour and so good for my cold! Plus many vegan sweet treats to keep us very happy 😀

Today my mission was to book a trip away. I have been wanting to go to the beach and walk along the seashore – yes, it will be winter but I have a beanie, scarf, woollies and a wind jacket. I need to get back to the sea as it has been way too long. It took me a while to contemplate where to go, do we go farmland, bushland or find a place within walking distance to the water! Walking distance to the water was the winner for me that way I can take off and the kids can chill and watch the sea from the balcony. This time we will be close to the rainforest and hiking trails too, so we can have the best of both worlds. We have not been on a family trip since Venus bay in April last year and from all the trauma we have been through this year we need some downtime together. I am looking forward to getting away, as this week being apart to stay safe is proving to be pretty difficult. Three days down and four to go… slowly, slowly we will get there.

Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd May 2022

Every day was the same sleeping in and getting rest and prepping food for the crew. I got myself into creative mode and got out the sewing machine and did some sewing and prepping for when I sew more over the Uni break. It is such a good thing for me to do as I listen to an audiobook and just play with fabric. By Sunday everyone was feeling a lot better and were deep cleaning their rooms in preparation for freedom from isolation on Monday. I was so thankful for the prepared food that I just had to heat up and serve to the family, it saved a lot of time and all I had to make was a salad. I was still negative on my RAT over the week, which was good.

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