Hopeful 23/52

Monday 6th 2022

A lovely morning walk to my chiropractor who was so helpful with my ongoing lower hip pain and said my hips were out of alignment. I need to go back to see him again on Thursday to experience more pain to sort out the constant pain. I am feeling so much better now and am gaining much more movement, it is incredible when you finally sort out the cause of the underlying problem in your body.

Tuesday 7th June 2022

Our weekly hospital physio visits and it is going really well with H’s physio really happy with her progress. We have a couple more sessions and then it is time to test the walking and running speed baselines from the first week. The annoying thing is that we could not find anywhere to park the car so I created a park from a motorbike car park and went up the lifts to the ground floor. Once we were there there was singing. Little did we know that the Harvard Krokodilloes and a Capella singing group were performing at the RCH. They were so good and we managed to catch their rendition of the little mermaid song. H really enjoyed it and that gave me an opportunity to share with her the show Glee – we shall see if she is keen to watch it!

In the evening it was time to go out and meet my other friend who I have not seen since January when we went over for a sleepover. We went into the Wilds at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for the Rising festival, so much to chat about and catch up on what has been happening in life. For dinner, we enjoyed a vegan meat pie from Smith and Daughters with a lovely glass of red wine. It was the first time I had sat in front of a fire pit since the accident and it was calming to take me back to my camping days back in California. These lovely spangled people are the performance group Discordia with outfits inspired by the natural world they described themselves as sea urchins – check out the whole outfit below complete with a preening rake. A very fun evening out!

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Goodness time for rest as Uni was done and dusted as I handed in my final assignment!

Thursday 9th & Friday 10th June 2022

A session of kinesiology focussing on the next phase in my life towards a plan for when I graduate. As I am somewhat stuck this year due to Holly’s accident and being home to take her to appointments etc. The idea from my kinesiologist is to find primary schools that align with my values and volunteer to gain some experience working with children. So I have been doing my research and making a list to work through over the next 4 weeks while I am on Uni break.

H has her plan in place to finish all her curriculum work for Term 2 with her friend. They have been powering through their work and I will gather the work needed for assessments so they can be ready for the Dept of Education. So far, this plan of home education has been the best thing for her combined with her maths tutoring and counselling.

Saturday 11th

We have been wanting to take the teens out for a walk in nature and the long weekend was the perfect opportunity! It was a quick walk out at Plenty Gorge as H had some muffins to bake at lunchtime with her friend in CA. It was a big morning for them but it was good to see them have a good time out amongst the trees.

Sunday 12th June 2022

Just a relaxing Sunday for the family, it was a typical cold chilly day where we decided to just stay in after some plans to go for fish and chips to Williamstown (now a plan for another day!) My hubby and I went out at night for the last night at Rising to have dinner in Chinatown and see Golden Square – art installations in a car park. Quite a lot of fun until we got rained on! We did find a fun Asian supermarket by the train station I would like to check out further next time we are in the city.

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