Hopeful 24/52

Monday 13th 2022

Holiday – Celebrate is all I can say and it was a day to relax!

Tuesday 14th 2022

Back to the hospital for physio this week and this time it was earlier, yes there were plenty of places to park the car, yay! Later on the day, we had a dentist appointment – H could not attend as she cannot open her mouth wide enough for the dentist so it was just the three of us.

We then went out for a random pub dinner and lucky of us it was burger night, yummo! H joined us for dinner and had to eat her burger with a fork and knife as her pressure gloves would get oily and mucky. Afterwards, we all walked home in the dark along the bike track on the cold, windy night.

Today was the 6 month anniversary of the accident – H is taking steps forward.

Wednesday 15th 2022

It was finally time for the burns clinic and it was chaos mind you. We had an early 10:10 appointment and got in there with a random surgeon as H’s surgeon was out with Covid. We saw her OT and Physio and the Burns Co-ordinator so there were some familiar faces. She also needed photos for documentation so we had to wait for the photographer as the regular photographer was away sick. Lucky for us we were put in a meeting room to watch Finding Nemo.

The good thing for H was that she does not have to go back to the burns clinic for 3 months! I did not get too excited, as we are going back to the hospital to see her OT in about a month. So maybe we might get a 2 month’s reprieve from the hospital if we are lucky?!?

H went off to her friend’s place in the afternoon to get the school work done and they did! I am so happy with their progress and how they can set goals and hit them together.

In the evening I went for a float session and it was so good to just relax in space for an hour, it feels like going on holiday. Such a good thing to do! They stocked mushroom elixirs and I found some Turkey Tail from the Blue Mountains to add to my mushroom tonic collection. I have to say that the medicinal mushrooms have truly been beneficial over the last 6 months to get me through this hellish time.

Thursday 16th June

An early morning appointment with my chiropractor as there is still lingering pain in my lower back. I do have to take care of it! The rest of the day I enjoyed organising my sewing pattern for when I get my projects started. The audiobook I am loving at the moment is Looking Inward by Swami Purnachaitanya – it is perfect for downtime and practice meditation.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 17 18 and 19 June

Saturday I spent time at the Education Summit at the Convention Centre and got my steps in walking there as I had forgotten how bit it is! It was an interesting day as I was hoping to be inspired about education but instead I met some interesting vendors who I would like to work with in the future as they had some resources aligned to what I am interested in. My faves were sustainability and recycling plastics, learning about farm animals at Edgars mission, whole school social emotional training, wonderful open ended carts of fun for the children and realising there is an option for my son to work in the growing games industry in Australia.

Sunday was chill out day and time out with the horses in the cold paddock after lunch. It was so quiet and peacful out there and the horses are just beautiful. Afterwards, it was time for a feast of potato cakes and chips and fish – yummo!

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