Hopeful 25/52

Monday was a day out to explore some art with some mama friends. We enjoyed our time in Hosier Lane with a coffee and then we went to the Light exhibition at ACMI. It was wonderfully curated and we travelled through time with the artworks, a super special show and I highly recommend it. We all decided that we should regularly go out for cultural excursions together, so now I am happy that I have some friends to explore the arts within Melbourne.

Back to the hospital for one last physio appointment and H hit all her baseline targets out the window. She is moving and gaining her strength back again after all that time in hospital. We will be having 3 weeks away from the hospital, yay!!

Guess what I am not a robot – pic courtesy of my friend B.

Well, I am excited that it is nearly time for the holidays and as I write this Friday evening!

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