Hopeful 33/52

This picture shares with you what my week has been like! It was a whirlwind with long days, working every day and I was so tired. On top of all the learning and observing at my placement, I managed to get a cold from the “germs on legs”. I think it was a mix of exposure to new germs, as well as being outside in the cold weather. I ended up staying home on Friday, so I could rest. I spent the whole weekend inside, staying warm as I have to stay well for the next 3 weeks!!

There has been so much to do plus gathering evidence for my portfolio, so this weekend I made sure that I am feeling organised and will gather only things necessary so I can take over the teaching role for the last 2 weeks. I need to tick a lot of boxes for all of the Australian Standards for Teachers for the assignment and the report. I have a 10-day interim report at the end of this week, so that is something to check in on and then go for it for the last two weeks. I have to say I am enjoying the change of environment and the children are just lovely. I forgot how fun it is to teach 4-year-olds – so full of wonder and excitement.

I have been on my computer most of the weekend, gathering my information to go through my planning with my mentor teacher this week. There is some fun stuff planned and I also found this incredible resource for engaging children in STEM, so I am hoping that I can give it a go for the placement. Better get some relaxation time, before this week sets in!

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