Hopeful 34/52

What a stressful week with my placement and jotting down how I can go about my planning for the last 2 weeks. In between full-time work I have had to be a witness against my uncle in a bullshit court case. I had to take one full day off and the idiots at the court did not need me then they said they needed me the next day and I said I was off to work, give me 30 mins to get home if you need me. Then they did and it was terrifying, I felt like a criminal being interviewed by a prosecutor for sending an email to my sister to notify her that my father was dying. The prosecutor was a bitch, I imagine you have to be if you take it upon yourself to be that role in society. The jury was not there when I was cross-examined, so they needed me again on Friday to do the same thing and get asked the same questions from an email I sent 3 years ago – how the hell can I remember the context of the email?? They were just wanting fuel for the massive bonfire they were roasting my uncle with. Plus, why would I want to incriminate my uncle who has been nothing but kind to me my whole life? We live in a fucked up world and all I can say is this is a bloody injustice. I seriously dislike the Queensland injustice system.

Lucky, I had organised to hang out with my friend over the weekend and see Bangarra Dance Theatre – which was amazing! Then we went out for a drink by the Yarra and organised when we would see each other again. I was happy then as I thought my uncle’s defence team had cast doubt in the mind of the jury, but no it was all a farce because if the Queen is after you – there is no chance, it is doomed from the beginning. Anyway, it is over now and I am relieved I don’t have that anxiety of thinking about what will happen anymore!

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