Hopeful 35/52

With the bullshit still present in my life from some arsehole causing hell in a good family, I had to carry on and get through this week. The trial was doomed and designed to be in favour of the prosecutor, so it made me so angry and upset I am still dealing with the 7 stages of grief. It is pathetic that the people who caused this injustice need to be the ones meant to suffer, not us! Again, this is not my fight – I just need to support my mum and family members through his shitshow of hell. Yes, I do believe in karmic justice and those who have shat on us shall receive their punishments 7x worse.

The patterns above are demonstration pieces for a spray painting pattern activity with 3 to 5-year-old children. I have been creating nature-themed lessons with the children in the lead-up to my final week with the garden and planting in the veggie patch in the yard. The children enjoy outside time and it is important for them to learn to care for their environment, so this week I have a chicken (puppet) accompanying me to teach the class about seeds and plants. Also, I have had to prepare for a week of name recognition activities.

Also, I have to say I am thankful for hypnosis with my float this weekend as I really needed something to calm my soul from this crazy world we inhabit. Not long to go until the holidays and the countdown is on to get back to my normal schedule with less work!!

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