Hopeful 36/52

What can I say about the last month, except that it has flown by in a blur of madness, sadness, craziness and stress! I have made it through to the end of my final early childhood placement!! Congratulations to me for getting through it and thoroughly enjoying it! The children were amazing and so fun to work with. I have to say that I really loved planning the experiences for the program as it was spring and the children love the outdoors so I created many opportunities to learn about life in the garden and the importance of earthworms. The children really enjoyed their time planting, so I created an opportunity for guerilla gardening by making seed balls from clay! They really enjoyed the process of making a plate (of clay) and then putting the seeds on the plate covering it with soil and rolling it into a ball. I do hope some of these seeds sprout and bring great joy with lots of flowers for the families.

I am thankful for the amazing team of educators I worked with who captured pictures of me in action with the children, it shows me the many opportunities I had with the children to connect to their world ❤️ Teaching is a tough gig but it provides memories to children that they can take with them for the rest of their lives and is something that all educators remember daily as we interact with the young people of tomorrow.

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