hopeful 37/52

The last couple of makeup days for placement were done and I received a lovely report from my mentor teacher. It is good to have it completed!

The good thing that happened at our house on Thursday and Friday was that H is going to be featured in the Christmas Campaign for the Royal Children’s Hospital. We had a film crew who recorded video and also a photographer and graphic designer to do the photo shoot with a massive fake Xmas tree. It is made for the donors of the hospital and will be on their social media channels and other marketing collateral. H was amazing all the way through and she spoke during the interview perfectly! I am so looking forward to what they create and produce.

Now it is the school holidays and we enjoyed a taco dinner with our good friends and had a lovely celebration with some champagne. I still need to complete two assignments so I am stuck to my computer for a little while until I catch up with all my work! Nearly there…

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