Hopeful 40/52

A beautiful full moon was in our skies last weekend and it was just stunning. It was a week of completing my last assignment for the teaching period plus many other fun activities that I had on my calendar.

The first event was a volunteering event out in Fawkner with the Merri Creek Management Committee, where I was weeding out invasive plants in their open spaces. What a job that is, when you think you have got them all you look from another perspective and there is more. It seemed so overwhelming but it means that there are fewer seeds around to reproduce as we pull these plants out roots and all.

I was also getting rid of furniture and bringing in some beautiful new pieces into our house. It was also my first day back at work for term 4 with the echidna 3-year-old crew. My friend also wanted me to join her for a gig out to see Allara and Olenka on Friday night which I loved!

Over the weekend I enjoyed some time out with my friend for brunch and spent time with the parents of children I work with at a working bee clearing out stuff at work. For Saturday night dinner we caught up with friends for Italian and then went out wombat wandering under the full moon. It is so good to feel that life is full again!

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