Hopeful 41/52

This was my first week of freedom on my uni break! So I spent time catching up on organising my space and also worked an extra day which was great to actually meet the group of children I was supposed to work with at the beginning of this year.

It was also time to catch up with my friend who enjoys hanging out at the University of Melbourne! We found the Science Gallery accidentally and we wanted to check out their new exhibition Swarm. It focussed on whether you are “hardwired to be part of the pack”. The exhibits were interactive and lots of fun. We sang to fruit flies to see if they reacted to our voices on their own little dance floor, we listened to the internet with lots of speakers hanging from the ceiling plus we also listened to plants talk to each other! We saw a synthetic pollenizer flower and sat on a toilet listing to data scraping from Instagram pages which were very scary indeed. There was 3D printed food and listening to stories from indigenous people of our land.

The cat artwork was a random wall art in the city when we went to lunch at Crossways, a tasty feast of curry and rice and papadams with dessert and salad. Overall, I am enjoying my free time and making the most of it by preparing some fabric to do some sewing next week! So good to catch up on the garden and all the other hobbies that I miss when I have been studying and working.

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