Hopeful 43/52

It was hospital week this week and time to visit the clinic and talk to the burns team. It had been a while since I had been to the hospital and it was good to see that there was a monarch butterfly on the sculpture in the atrium. We took the tram in and it was so easy as it stops right outside the hospital. Ms H is doing really well with her skin healing – patience and consistency is the key. We are also on the waiting list for laser surgery to happen in the next couple of months. Overall, the physio exercises are helping with the skin movements where her OT also discussed areas to focus on her hands so it reduces tightness. She also spoke to her social worker and had some photographs documented. Always a big day at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

My favourite day of the year is Halloween though being in Australia it is beginning to wane due to the lack of enthusiasm by me to make a costume and no parties to go to. There was a great opportunity to go to the kindergarten disco for my work so I went out to hang out with the children for an hour or so dressed in my owl costume. Now that costume took me at least a month to make with all the fabric scraps and it is inspiring me to make another bird of some kind – maybe I can think of an Australian bird for next year, perhaps a rainbow lorikeet! My son made a costume as No Face from the Miyazaki film Spirited Away.

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