Hopeful 44/52

Nearly 2 million words checked since I began my undergraduate degree in 2016 and today I began my final unit for the course. I still have one placement to go next year and that will be it! It is strange to think that I will not be studying anymore as I really do enjoy it. Today I was procrastinating just a little bit to get going but once I started it was all good!

Last week was a strange one starting with a work PD day with an inspiring talk on indigenous perspectives. I knew it was my last week to play before the teaching period began so I was getting lots of last-minute projects completed like the garden and some sewing ideas. Also, there was a lot of catch-up on the home school assessments for my daughter, I had so much going on the last term with the placement. I finished the week with a well-deserved chiropractor appointment. Oh, and work on Friday was lovely with a small group of 22 children who had a great time outside with no rain.

The sun was out on the weekend at last and I made the most of it by enjoying time in the garden and getting my tomatoes out into the sunshine! In the arvo, I went to see Greenhouse by Joost at the cinema and it was truly inspiring to discover innovative building materials in the house and see the food prepared by the incredible chefs there.

On Sunday I started walking to learn to run and it was a lot of fun as my plan is to run by the creek in amongst the bushes and the trees. I have a couple of friends who choose to run for their exercise so I thought why not give it a go it felt so free! We shall see how I go, the woman at the trainer store today said 6 weeks in this mode and take it from there. Maybe in the new year I will be able to run like the wind?

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