Hopeful 45/52

Now our house is attracting bees to nest inside our roof – I tell you this year has been nonstop drama. Of course, I do not want harm to these amazing insects, so I have had to contact a bee saviour through an Aussie apiarist network to get these guys into a home that will be better suited to them! It has been fun to document the bees that have been hovering around the house but we all think it is preferable that these little guys nest somewhere else.

My garden is loving the rain and today we are not in winter temperatures with a high of 12 degrees! Last week we enjoyed one week of sunny weather until it turned on us again and we are now in the depths of coat-and-hat weather. I am not a fan as I feel I suffer from seasonal affective disorder with these grey clouds! Thank goodness for many cups of tea and woolies to keep me warm.

This last week I have been venturing out and trying new things like running but then I injured myself and had to go to the chiropractor and he suggested I practice my running on grass and softer surfaces to prevent pain in my sacroiliac joint. It has been lovely and free to run around by Merri Creek with lots of trees around in the fresh air and sunshine, it is a perfect nature connection for me!

Last Sunday I started a ceramics wheel throwing course for 6 weeks at a local art studio. I have always loved ceramics since my studio time in Sunnyvale, CA when I did it for at least a couple of years when we lived over there. Now I just want to fill my creative tank with something that balances out the last subject of my Uni course which is mathematics. I am finding the readings so boring but I know I have to get through! I now know what my children feel when it comes to dry subjects in their courses at school, I have to see that light at the end of the tunnel and get through. At least, it is one subject and I can break it up by working 3 days a week from next week until the end of term – this means there will be no time to procrastinate!

A mantra to get through – maths is important as it is a part of our everyday lives. Plus I have to keep up with the High Distinctions and Distinctions that I have been receiving in each unit.

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