Hopeful 47/52

The week is flying by in a blur now that I am working 3 days a week lucky with two days in between to work on my assignment and Uni work. It is so difficult to get back into the swing of study, especially after a bit of a break but I know this is my last unit before placement and that I am so close to finishing!!! The goal is to get through the maths unit and get it done.

There was nothing much that happened this week except for Ms H’s presence on my Insta feed with seeing her on the RCH Foundation page which was lovely. I got to go into the city but only for a short time to see the Victorian Police to get my fingerprints done for the FBI. I need to get all this done for my teacher registration next year and I am starting to get organised now as I know how long things take in the USA. Hey, they may surprise me but I am talking from past experience living there for 12 years.

The weather was pretty sweet on the weekend at long last with some sunshine and blue skies so I was out and about doing my walk and run exercise. It was great to see the doggos and the people were so happy on Victorian election day as well. My weekend was done with my clay class where I learned how to trim my clay pieces, it was so meditative and relaxing. I am really getting addicted to clay again and wheel throwing is so much fun! I am so happy to have some creative vibes happening at the moment.

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