Hopeful 48/52

Another week flew by with getting my assignment written and 3 days of work. It can be very grueling on your mind when there is so much brain focus and then I have to switch to work mode and hang with the children. I am realising that working with 3-year-olds is not a thing that is going to be for me long term as it has its moments that test my patience. I am gaining experience working in early childhood so, therefore, best to know what you do not want to do.

The highlight of the week was going to see Courtney Barnett live at 3RRR, I had forgotten when I go to see live music I cannot see anything because I am too short! Anyway, I enjoyed the little glimpses of seeing the action of the band while listening to the songs.

Oh and an update on our bees, I have a couple of videos of them in action. I reckon they have built quite a lovely home in our roof cavity judging from the number of bees I see on beautiful sunny days.

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